Made for content creators by content creators

How can I build a following online? What equipment do I need to create amazing content? How can I score my first brand deal? This academy will answer all of these questions and more. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve enlisted the help of established influencers, brands leaders, and influencer agents to provide you with tried-and-true tips that will help you get your foot in the door.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Before you get started

    • Getting started with a small following ft. @rayesfaces

  • 2

    Building your personal brand

    • How to establish a personal brand ft. @breanneburnell

  • 3

    Creating "like-worthy" content

    • How to create like-worthy content ft. @julisimmons_

    • Photography & content creation tips ft. @ericgoldie

    • Content calendar template

  • 4

    Building relationships with brands

    • How to build brand relationships ft. @longlegzk

    • Media kit template

    • Email templates

    • Collaboration tracker template

  • 5

    Setting and negotiating payments

    • Money 101 ft.

  • 6

    Understanding the legal side of influencer marketing

    • Contract & legal terminology you need to know ft. CEO of Mione Management, Hope

    • Legal terminology cheat sheet

  • 7

    Following up after your campaign

    • What brands are looking for in long-term partners ft. Ruggable's social media manager, Gabriella

    • Campaign follow-up deck template

  • 8

    Test your knowledge

    • Quiz time

    • Additional resources

    • Before you go

Who is this course for?

Do you have a natural talent for social media content creation and storytelling? Have you ever thought “I can do that” when your favorite influencer shows up on your feed? If so, this course is for you. Aspire’s Creator Academy is meant for any and everyone who is interested in getting started with social media content creation. After completion you will be able to:

  • Pitch yourself to brands with the help of a beautiful media kit template

  • Create high-quality content to elevate your profile

  • Identify brands that would be great partners

  • Implement insider tips to build a genuine following

  • Communicate professionally with brands

  • Set and negotiate payments

  • Read and understand legal contracts

  • Build relationships with brands that lead to long-term ambassadorships